Business Skills

Business Skills

1.0 Introduction

J Sainsbury plc. is the parent company of Sainsbury’s Supermarket Ltd., which is commonly known as Sainsbury’s (J Sainsbury plc. 2013). Sainsbury’s has been specializing in food retailing for over 144 years. As a leading brand, Sainsbury’s is synonymous with high-quality and believable products. Building on over 144 years of experience and renown, Sainsbury’s possesses strong senses of five main core values, which includes: “Best for food and health”, “Sourcing with integrity”, “Respect for our environment”, “Making a positive difference to our community”, and “A great place to work”. The key drivers of growth and customers’ loyalty in Sainsbury’s are the introducing of their own-brand products in 1882, and their persistence of contributing back to the community and environment which makes customers have great confidence in Sainsbury’s. According to Nwagbara (2010), there was a change in management style in 1992 which led Tesco to overtake Sainsbury’s to become the market leader in 1995, and Asda become the second largest in 2003. The Guardian (2013) has mentioned that with the beliefs in Sainsbury’s core values, in October 2013, they overtook Asda to become the second largest supermarket. In this day and age, the issues of the remuneration for the employees, and devotion in the community as well as the importance of protecting the environment has been raised up, which leads more people be aware of these issue. Under these circumstances, Sainsbury’s is likely to be standing in a favorable position and can definitely take these advantages to gain more market share in the future. The purpose of this analysis report is to identify and evaluate the strengths, weaknesses threats and opportunities of Sainsbury’s, and to suggest feasible recommendations for future development.

2.0 Methodology

This report is primarily based on a ‘short’ report structure and therefore all the statistics and information about J Sainsbury plc. are known as...

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