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19/08/2015 15:23

FIN 6310 Case Studies

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Case Report Guidelines
1. Place case title at top of first page with team member names (maximum four members per team).
2. Answer questions in numerical order.
3. Include graphs and tables if appropriate.
4. Print out case report and hand-in at the beginning of class.
Harvard Management Company (2001) Questions
1. Is HMC’s recent payout policy consistent with the goal of preserving the real (adjusted for Harvard’s
expense growth) value of the endowment and its distribution into perpetuity?
2. Could payout be raised to meet recent budget pressures without changing the risk-return profile of the
3. What value has the HMC’s policy portfolio asset allocations (compared to TUCS median) added to the
endowment from the period 1992-2000?
4. What value has active portfolio management (deviating from the policy portfolio indexes and weights)
added to the endowment from the period 1992-2000?
5. Does this justify their controversial compensation plans? Does HMC’s compensation plan reward
value-creation, discourage excessive risk taking, and increase retention.
6. How does Harvard’s new policy portfolio weights compare to historical weights and other university
7. Do...

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