Business Systems

Business Systems

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Common Information Security Threats
Roscoe Squirewell
June 7, 2013
John Burwick

Common Information Security Threats
Chief executives and IT security personnel has never had a close working history. However, after massively publicized security attacks on companies like Google, JPMorgan, Lockheed Martin, Amazon, and Citibank, CEOs have realized that IT security is an issue that is of great importance just as the areas of financial performance. In fact, these two areas are very closely aligned. The issue in the struggle to secure innovations is that CIOs have an unprecedented challenge and effective lasting security requires more than a few desperate strategies. It has been a challenge to keep pace because enterprise technology is more complex, mobile and largely outsourced than in years past. Research has shown that the organizational expense of a data breach is in the millions, apparently costing corporations hundreds of dollars for each record that has been compromised. This financial impact has been a warning sign for Wal-Mart’s executives. They must prepare an agenda and set new priorities for how their IT security will be handled across the corporation. The financial ramifications of non-action will only be the beginning of their problems. IT security breaches not only results in financial losses, but losses in the corporation’s credibility will also impact the business performance as well as client trust. It is important for Wal-Mart’s CEOs to have an understanding of security threats and remain involved in the proactive development and execution of strategies that mitigate all possible threats.

Human Error
The first major information security threat would be Human Error. With funds going toward IT security, there is a thought that Trojan threats or botnet threats are the worst threats going against the protection of important data. In this thought process that executives would be mistaken. Most breaches in information...

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