Business Tutorial: Starting a Business

Business Tutorial: Starting a Business

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Essay Topic # 2

|Essay is due in the week beginning 8th September in your tutorials and handed to your tutor. |

In a business, the main activities, which require your knowledge of financial accounting, are:

1. Financing

2. Investing

3. Reporting and Measurement

4. Analysis and Interpretation


Imagine that you are starting a business of your own.

a. Discuss the legal structure you would choose for your business.

b. Using your knowledge of financial accounting, discuss how you will undertake the above 4 activities.

c. Provide specific examples, amounts in $, for financing, investing etc.

d. Write down what measurements and reporting you would follow and;

e. What type of analysis and interpretation would you undertake to judge whether your business is doing well.



Essay is required to have 750-1000 words.
Examples or diagrams are not counted in the total word limit.


What are you intending to discuss in the essay? Keep this very brief.


a. Choose the type of business you would like to set up; company? Partnership? Sole proprietorship? Name your new business.

b. Discuss, using the 4 activities, how each will impact on your business. Depending on the type you choose, the requirements will be different. For example, company will have different financing needs (and
potential) compared to a partnership by raising funds through shares.

c. Explain each activity by providing some numerical examples. For example, ‘we may need $1m to buy assets’.

d. You can use any measurements; such as horizontal, trend or vertical analysis or Ratios. Do you need to show a P/L? B/S? What are the government requirements?
(Briefly explain; can...

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