Business Writing Portfolio

Business Writing Portfolio

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Business Writing Portfolio
April 4, 2011
Bob Balcerzak

Part 1: Business Writing Steps
1. Store Managers-Business Letter
A. To
B. Body
1. Changes to the retail store operations
a. Fewer work days for employees
b. New shifts
c. New store hours
d. Closing or opening of stores
C. Signature
2. Store Employees-Business Memo
A. To
B. From
C. Subject
D. Body
1. Changes in the retail store operations
a. Fewer work days and new shifts for employees
b. New store hours
c. Closing or opening of stores
3. Retail Customers and the Public-E-mail Message
A. To
B. From
C. Subject
D. Body
1. Changes in the retail store operations
a. New store hours
b. Closing or opening of stores
Part 2: Portfolio
April 4, 2011
Retail Clothing Chain Managers (Business letter)
1670 FM 1960 West
Houston, TX 77069

Dear Management,
Changes to the store operations are going to be made and implemented soon. These changes were developed to help employees save money because of the rising gas prices as well as to help the store operations save money.
To accomplish this goal, employees will begin to work fewer days. Full-time employees will work four days a week for 10 hours each day. This will allow them to still get their full-time hours while saving money in gas by driving to work fewer days each week. This new schedule also goes for management. Part-time employees will work one to three days depending on how many hours they are schedule to work.
There will also be new business hours for the store. The store will be closed on Sundays. Monday through Saturday, the stores will open an hour later and close an hour earlier. There will be no additional stores opening at this time. Our goal is to help our employees as much as we can in these harsh times with the economy.
Name here
Public Relations Manager

Retail Clothing Chain
To: Employees (Memo)

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