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Sale Promotion |
Richard Lester |
MKTG 410 |
4/13/2013 |


Sales Promotion
The third advertising would be sale promotion. While sales promotion our offered in the direct marketing, Dive Bar could also offer 50% off all games all night Monday and Tuesday (since billiards, beer pong and other arcade games are ours) the promotion will get our friends in the door and help get our sales up. But our food promotion would only be offered for the first two weeks, after that a different promotion will be offered. For example:

The next two weeks could be chicken quesadilla and house margaritas will be 50% off every week day night till 9pm. No matter what the promotion is Dive Bar is sure that our friends will come.

Since dive bar is the first of its kind, Dive Bar wants to pave the way for of bars to do what we are doing. We know that bars are popular around colleges and offices, but if we offer something new and different every two weeks you are sure to have returning friends. Plus if we don’t have an alcohol that what of our friends are looking for we will do our best to get it in the next time they come and visit us.

While this could get out of hand and our customers could want some off the wall things, our managing staff at Dive Bar will do our best to accommodate everyone but if we can’t find what they are looking for or the price of the product is too high we won’t bring it in because it will just sit on our shelf. The other part of our brand promotion standard is that if you bring it in our friend the requested it must drink at least one glass or shot of the drink. That will hinder anyone ordering random brands.
While our night life more than likely will be all college students, our lunch and evening hours will more than likely be all business/companies. So For business/companies, Dive Bar can offer 50% off conference rooms and half off price the drinks.

Now they can use the other promotions that will be send out thru our...

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