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Professional Development Plan


January 28, 2013

The rationale of training and management enhancement programs is to improve employee potentials and directorial capabilities. The creation and implementation of training development programs should be based on the training and the management development needs identified by an analysis so that any time and money invested in the training of staffing development is associated to the mission of the organization (Watad & Ospina, 1999).
Enabling employees and the company as a whole to be able to benefit from employee development programs require a well-developed proper training program. It often includes professional goals to encourage improved performances compared to those employees who through their employer have received little development training. The companies, who succeed, have employees who enjoy their work more when they work towards a common goal. Fundamental training or core training is the base of any good development plan. Training new employees the basics of their job, such as job duties, as a company expectation is essential. Core training helps get a new employee off on the right foot, by giving his or her on the training he or she needs to do his job. Leadership training is a development method used to help well performing employees rise to a leadership level ("Workforce Management", 2012). With the proper leadership training, the employees are placed in specialized training programs in order to help them develop the skills they need to become team leaders or supervisors ("Workforce Management", 2012).
Effective leadership mainly takes place when the leader can accurately identify the gowth levels of the secondary staff in multiple situations and then demonstrate the recommended leadership style that best fits that type of situation (Northouse 2007). Emphasizing on the behaviors of the leadership, there are different style approaches for every leader. Regardless of...

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