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Appendix E

Hardware/Software Components

In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components

Legacy systems

Is the hardware and software components of a company’s IT. Is one of the largest investment that a company will make, usually spending billions building it and more through the years maintaining it.
Mainframe computers
Was the first modern computer. Designed in 1951 and was the size of a two-story house. Where kept in the back of the offices and only computer engineers could use them. Managers had to request information from them.
The first microprocessor was an Intel 4004, designed in 1970. Is a programmable device that accepts digital data as input.
First introduced in 1976 in a kit form. Early PCs, the owner usually had to program it themselves. They even lacked an operating system. Today’s computers come already loaded and ready to go.
Network computers
Network computers were designed for large businesses so they would have the capability to link all the computers together and share the information.
World Wide Web and Internet
Invented by Tim Berners-Lee who wrote the first HTLM. This made it possible to post any information on the Web.
Wired and wireless broadband technology
The first internet was connected by a modem phone line cable. With was slow due to cable not being able to carry bytes fast. The Ethernet was a lot faster, which could handle up to 10 million bits of information. Wi Fi requires no cable to be connected. Operates in the 5Ghz band of radios.
PC software
The largest Pc software known is Window which runs on 90% of the computers in the world. The other known Software is Apple.
Networking software
The largest network software today is IBM. Network software allows companies to share any kind of information with one another.
Computer security software

Security software today is known as “firewall”, which is software that allows...

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