Year 10 History
Civil Rights Source Analysis Task
Final Due: Friday Week 11 (Beginning of lesson)
Name & Home group:

Being able to analyse a source is an important skill to have as a History student. You need to be able to critically evaluate and explain a source’s usefulness and, its limitations. This task has two parts. Read on and be excited!
Part 1 - Source Analysis

Select one photo from each:
a) Australian Civil Rights Movement
b) American Civil Rights Movement
You need to save a copy of each, paste it to a word document that you will submit as part of your assignment. Complete the following for each source:
a) Provide correct referencing details (use SLASA)
b) Complete the activities on the attached pages for BOTH photos.
HINT: Make sure that you choose a photo that has enough in it for you to analyse. A photo of a sign and nothing else around it will not give you enough to write about.
You cannot choose a picture from the topic that you chose for your Research task.
You do not have to fill each section in the boxes/ tables.

Part 2 - Create a Source - 1938 Day of Mourning
Part 2 requires you to create a Source that communicates key information about the 1938 Day of Mourning (Australian Civil Rights). Using the knowledge that you have developed from completing the 1938 Day of Mourning activity, you are going to create a series of text messages between two people that were involved in that event. It is expected that you will have approximately 8 texts between the two people (4 each).
You can follow the links to get more information about this important day in Australia’s history.
To successfully complete Part 2, you must do the following:
1. Create a series of text messages...

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