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UNIT 2: Business Organisations

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit a learner should:

1. Understand the aims and objectives in different sectors
2. Know the main functional areas that support business organisations

Assignment Brief

Unit 2: Business Organisations

Name: _________________________________

Tutor group: ____

Teacher: _____________

Date issued: __ Week beginning ________________

First draft due: ______________________________________

Final deadline: __Week ending __________________

IMPORTANT! All work must:

Be word processed (font size 12 only!)
Be Page numbered
Include a contents page (with page numbers)
Include your name on the footer
Include a bibliography
Be submitted on or before the stated due dates
Submitted in a plastic wallet with holes to place in your portfolio


As part of the year 10 PSHE programme in your school, you have to explore the world of work. In the current economic climate, with increasing unemployment, the teacher has decided that you need a more detailed look at specific businesses, their aims and objectives and the different ways they are organised. The teacher’s reasoning for this is that because of a lack of jobs available at present, a number of people are trying to start their own business as an alternative to traditional employment.

Your teacher has given you a series of tasks to undertake which will increase your knowledge of the above.
Task 1

a) Define aims and objectives (P1)

Aim of Tesco

Profit satisficing: try to make enough profit to keep the customers comfortable.
Sales growth: Tesco tries to make as many sales as possible. This may be because the managers believe that the survival of the business depends on being large. Large businesses can also benefit from economies of scale.
2. Tesco tries to grow and maintain the number one retail company in the u.k
3. Tesco wants...

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