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This report will use some marketing tools to explore existing market for Segway HT, tools included marketing mix 4Ps, segmentation, competitive advantage such as regulatory or how to fulfill customer’s need and want, and also will give suggestions in re-name the product, and recommendation for how to grow up the sales such as installment plan, discount or open secondary market in trade-in.

Marketing Reasons

More marketing reasons of the Segway to be reasonably successful in terms of items sold, such as marketing mix, positioning, segmentation and competitors. Marketing mix is Jerome McCarthy (1964) mentioned four elements of controllable in marketing, marketing Mix that means 4Ps are Product, Presence, Promotion and Price:

Innovation: The Segway HT is the new product in human transportation market, traditional human transportation market just have car or bike, those all need running in traffic road, when facing traffic jammed were not efficiency, but Segway HT can solve this problems, it’s can running in a human walkway, more flexible with traditional car or bike, their loading and speed also achieve our need. The product design is achieved the market need, ““product design should lead marketing to meet market requirements” (Beckman and Barry, 2008).

Distinctive differentiation: The Segway HT has the distinctive differentiation, reviewed existing competitors in market, no any similar product same with Segway HT, it could be used to improve people's daily lives and transform transportation and city planning.

Practical: Segway HT has more functions in normally transportation, and also can using in goods delivery, police patrol or milltary. And also people can use Segway HT for daily such as school, work way or go supermarket buying for really user friendly.

Amazon: The place of the goods and services available and accessible to the market is the majors, we using Amazon platform to deliver their products, this...

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