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MGMT 6423 - Strategic Management

Mission Statement

The mission statement is at the core of any organization. The mission is the organization’s purpose, the reason for its existence. A well-conceived mission statement defines the fundamental, unique purpose that sets an organization apart from others of its type and identifies the scope of its operations.

The mission statement should put clearly into words not only what the organization is now, but what management wants it to become -- the strategic vision of the organization’s future. It should promote a sense of shared expectations and communicate a public image to stakeholder groups in the communities the organization serves. It should reveal who the organization is and what the organization does.

The following page titled “Mission Writing Exercise” allows you to organize your thoughts and words in crafting a mission statement for your client. Please think about who and what the organization is and what you want it to be in the future and draft in your own words a mission statement for your client.

Mission Writing Exercises

A. Describe in your own words what your unit in the organization as well as the organization itself does or should do. Use single words or phrases.

Multi-media business information company
relevant and actionable news and data
Mission critical information
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