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School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science

Information and Communication Engineering Technology

Computer Repair and Maintenance
Computer Systems Technician – Networking
Computer Systems Technology – Networking
Health Informatics Technology
Software Engineering Technician
Software Engineering Technology
Software Engineering Technology – Interactive Gaming

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Network Technologies

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CNET101, CNET102 or COMP100 or ETEC116
Eligible for Prior Learning

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Networking Programs Group
Revised by:
Stephen Franks
November 2011
Effective Semester:
Winter 2012

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Course Description
This course introduces the fundamentals of network technologies. Students are exposed to and learn basic network terminology in order to prepare for further courses in networking. Classes cover all the fundamental information behind LANs, WANs and their technologies, including an overview of network devices, the OSI and TCP models of networking and the different topologies used in networking. The Lab classes introduce students to the hands on techniques to install, configure and troubleshoot a physical network environment. Use of the program WireShark in the lab will allow for the examination of broadcast/unicast/multicast traffic, frame and packet structure (relate to OSI and TCP/IP...