Busness 3

Busness 3

Functional Skills Assessed

ICT – Use ICT systems; Find and select information, Develop, present and communicate information

Mathematics – Using numerical information in relation to business information

English – Speaking and listening; Reading and writing

Internal Verification
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Grading Criteria

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Unit 4: Business Communication

On completion of this unit you should:

• Understand different types of business information
• Be able to present business information effectively
• Understand the issues and constraints in relation to the use of business information in organisations
• Know how to communicate business information using appropriate methods

Assignment Brief
This assignment requires you to investigate communication in organisations. First, select an organisation which you are able to access in order to obtain information. The organisation could be the one that you are using for your work experience, or where you work part-time. You will need to gain permission from the owner or your line manager to obtain information for you assignment.

If you do not have access to an organisation, you can base your assignment on the organisations that your tutor has selected, and your tutor can assist you in finding the relevant information.

Task 1 – Understand different types of business information at Vodafone

• Produce a table which describes the types of information used in your chosen organisation, for each of the following categories:
• Verbal
• Written
• On-screen
• Multimedia
• Web-based

• Describe the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL sources of each of the pieces of information listed above

• Describe what the PURPOSE is of each piece of information

To achieve M1 you will need to extend the report written for P1. You will need to analyse the different...

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