Alexandria Curl
On the Seven Habits Profile, I feel I scored extremely high. I have people skills, I like to

help others, and I want to see people be succeed. One area that I have to work on is the ‘Emo

tional Bank Account’ category, particularly speaking negatively of people when they are not

present. For example, when someone has an awful attitude, I have to be able to get the negative

things out of my system. Of course that is inappropriate, but if I keep it in it will bother me for

some time. I do not like people with horrible attitudes. If controlling facial expressions was on

the Seven Habits Profile, I would have scored extremely low. This is due to the fact that I have a

hard time controlling my facial expressions, when something is occurring that I perceive as rude

or I don’t agree with. Overall, this is an area that needs improvement.

As a leader I see myself as someone who wants to help others and wants to see others succeed. I want to focus on ‘Think Win-Win’ because I see a lot of people discouraging others who want to be successful. There is enough to go around for everyone. I have come across individuals who do not want to see others succeed and would rather see them fail. “An abundance mentality is a mind-set in which you believe life isn’t just win or lose; rather, you believe there’s plenty of power for everyone and that you should seek solutions that are mutually beneficial to everyone involved” (Epler 13). With that being said, I am going to give that individual the tools they need to become successful. For example, my previous job hired a few new people and by that time I was working for the company for a while. I was asked to train some of the new people and I took on the task with no problem. First, I had to figure out the learning styles of the new hires so I could adapt my teaching styles to fit their...