Cadburys Task 6

Cadburys Task 6

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In this task I am going give you clearly set objectives for my market research, also I will identify possible sources of information, both primary and secondary (record ALL sources whenever they are used and in a bibliography). Also I am going to identify who the potential customers are and their requirements and finally I will decide which methods of research to use to collect the information required.

Objectives for market research
My objectives are first of all I would like to create a good product (chocolate bar) that people will like and will buy. I will try and find out where most people buy there chocolate then I will see where I can first launch my chocolate bar i.e. corner shops and supermarkets. Also I am going to try and sell my product at the regular price of about 45-50p but before I set this price I will do some research to fid out whether the customers would be happy paying this price. Finally my objective for promotion on the product I will advertise it on billboards and put it on TV adverts and also when the product is first released I will try and sell it off a little cheaper so that people will buy it at first and then they will realise it is a nice chocolate bar then when the price goes up again people will still want to buy it.

Identify possible sources of information
First of all I am going to do a questionnaire about how much people will be willing to spend how old they are to find out what the target market is also give them some options on which flavours and fillings they like to give me and idea on what chocolate bar to make etc.
After that I will do some secondary research on Cadburys products so that my research I not just from people in Harrogate and I will and have a much larger amount of research.

Identify potential customers and their requirements
To identify my potential customers I am going look at some primary and secondary research and see what age group buys chocolate so I know my potential...

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