Calculating Bandwidth

Calculating Bandwidth

Calculating Bandwidth

IT 230 Computer Networking

Calculate bandwidth requirements for a live event that is streamed over the Internet based on the information below.

   You are the network administrator for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your company has been asked to provide bandwidth for a live event produced by one of your clients.

You have been asked to calculate the total data transfer required for the event.

You have also been asked to verify that your Internet connection can support the maximum estimated concurrent listeners. You have a 45-megabits-per-second (Mbps) connection to the Internet (a T3 circuit).

Event details

Time of the event: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
   Encoding rate: 22 kilobits per second (Kbps)
Average length of play: 60 minutes
Total listeners: 1,500
Concurrent listeners: 1,200

        Calculate the total data transfer for the live event (this does not depend on the number of listeners because it is a live event).
        Calculate the required Internet connection bandwidth.

To calculate the bandwidth requirements for this event you must first determine the size of all the files that are to be used for the transfer. Add up all the file sizes for all parts of the web page to measure this for a website, take an average of the web page file sizes.
22kb /per sec 60 3600

60 sec= 1 min x 60 x 22

60 min-1 hour 3600 79,200 per hour 9,900 kb 10 mg

Estimate the number of views for the file. To determine the bandwidth for a single page, use one for the number of views. Use estimated data for views in the future for this number.

Multiply the base file size by the number of views.

79,200 kb

X 1,500


22 x 1 x 1500=33,000

The estimated bandwidth that will be used is 33 MB you have enough bandwidth to support the event.


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