California Dream to Mexican Immigrants

California Dream to Mexican Immigrants

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Chris Farley
English A
September 29, 2010

The California Dream to Mexican Immigrants

The California dream to many Mexican immigrants is all about being able to provide for their families, better opportunities, employment, and to support their own needs. They want to come here to have a better life for them and their families and to be able to support them. Mexican immigrants think California is the land of dreams and paradise but truly have no idea until they are here, about the living conditions and how hard they will have to work at what they want.
For the ones who make it to California they try and make the best out of it by getting a job and trying to support their family. They take just about any job that they can get as long as it puts food on the table for them and his or her family. The majority of Mexican immigrants that are here illegally cant get a decent job and hold onto it. They have to use fake documents and such just to try and get a job which is highly illegal. Latina women will usually get a job as a nanny/housekeeper which can either work two ways. They can either be a live-in nanny or a live-out nanny, which is pretty self explanatory but live-out nannys usually get paid more. Live-in nannys usually have to put up with more in the house and with the children if there is any in the household. They also have to deal with feeling like there is no time off from work and in Maid in L.A. it says “Work seeps into their sleep and their dreams, and they feel confined, trapped, and imprisoned” (117). There is also a majority of workers that work on crops and get paid very little. I am sure the pay is varied depending what they are doing and who they are working for but it cant be that much or that good. There has to be something better for them to make a living from. If that is making a living to them then they need to progress and work for something higher. Who really knows how long they will be working for...

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