California Wine

California Wine

A Signature California Industry

California Wine

Wine is the number one finished agricultural product in retail value in the U.S.

◗ California is America’s top wine producer, making 90% of all U.S. wine. ◗ California is the fourth leading wine producer in the world behind the countries of France, Italy and Spain. ◗ California’s high wine quality is tied directly to the state’s ideal climate, topography, and soil for winegrapes, so the industry will always be based in California. ◗ California wine is world renowned with sales increasing every year since 1993 and accounting for two-thirds of all wine sales in the U.S. ◗ California’s wineries are predominantly family owned and multi-generational. ◗ California wineries support their communities and are philanthropic.

California’s Wine Industry Benefits the State and Nation
◗ Produces $51.8 billion in economic value for California. ◗ Generates $125.3 billion for the U.S. economy. ◗ Creates 309,000 jobs in California and a total 875,000 jobs nationwide. ◗ Pays $10.1 billion in wages in California and a total $25.2 billion nationwide. ◗ Makes $13 billion in state and federal tax payments. ◗ Attracts 19.7 million tourists annually to all regions of California. ◗ Generates wine-related tourism expenditures of $2 billion in California. ◗ Gives $115 million in annual charitable contributions from California wineries.

California Wine Industry Profile1
Number of Bonded Wineries 2687
Nearly all family-owned, Up 233% from 807 wineries in 1990

Number of California Grape Growers California Wine Sales to the U.S. Retail Value of California Wine in the U.S. Share of U.S. Wine Market

4,600 192 million cases in 2007
Up 21% from 156 million cases in 1990

$18.9 billion in 2007 63% by value
Two out of three bottles sold in the U.S. are California wines

U.S. Wine Exports (95% from California)

$951 million winery revenues 2007
Up 594% from $137 million in 1990

50 million cases to 125 countries
Up 317%...

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