Caltex swot analysis

Caltex swot analysis

CALTEX – Marauoy Branch

SWOT Analysis

Caltex Philippines was formally established in the Philippines and opened its office in Binondo, Manila in 1917. Through its 85 years of success in its operations, the company has been marked with a series of milestones. It is also popularly labeled as the “country’s premier oil company”. Various accomplishments made by the company opened an opportunity for them to branch out different gas stations nationwide. Included in their branches is the Caltex gas station located at National Road corLeviste Highway, Marauoy, Lipa City, Batangas, which will be the subject of this SWOT Analysis.


​The group has identified several strengths describe in terms of:


Based on the group’s observation of the Caltex - Marauoy Branch’s location compared to the other gasoline stations along the highway, it has huge space which the station can put further expansion.

According to Caltex Philippines news, Caltex Philippines has formed an alliance effective last 2009 with 7-Eleven Stores. Recently, the Caltex in Marauoy Branch has openeda 7-Eleven store. This had given the company strength because they can now offer other products other than oil and gas through building an alliance with 7-Eleven. Itbecame more convenient for travelers to stop-by at Caltex to buy some treats from 7-Eleven. Other than 7-Eleven, the gas station also markets for Bicol’s Toasted Siopao.

The branch has a good location because it is along the national road and located in a spot where there are more commuters or travelers going to Balate, Tanauan and to the main city of Lipa. The location also is near the Balete Star Tollway where most of the vehicles are taking the toll rather than to suffer traffic jams.


In service businesses, it is not only the food and restaurant, hospital or hotel industries that should offer high-end facilities. An oil and gas station should also offer good facilities to its...

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