Cambridge Companion to Chaucer

Cambridge Companion to Chaucer

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The Cambridge Companion to Chaucer
The Cambridge Companion to Chaucer is a revised version of the first edition, which has become a classic in the field. This new volume responds to the success of the first edition and to recent debates in Chaucer studies. Important material has been updated, and new contributions have been commissioned to take into account recent trends in literary theory as well as in studies of Chaucer’s works, although the structure of the book has basically remained the same. Chapters cover such topics as the social and literary scene in England in Chaucer’s time, the literary inheritance traceable in his works to French and Italian sources, comedy, pathos and romance in the Canterbury Tales, and Chaucer’s style. The volume now includes a useful chronology, and the bibliography has been entirely updated to provide an indispensable guide for today’s student of Chaucer. Piero Boitani is Professor of Comparative Literature in the Department of English at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’. He is the author of many volumes including The Tragic and the Sublime in Medieval Literature (Cambridge, 1989), The Shadow of Ulysses. Figures of a Myth (1994) and The Bible and its Rewritings (1999). Jill Mann is Notre Dame Professor of English at the University of Notre Dame and Life Fellow of Girton College, Cambridge. She has written extensively on Geoffrey Chaucer and medieval authors including Langland, Malory and the Gawain-poet. Her most recent book is Feminizing Chaucer (2002).


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