Cambridge latin course Salvius fimds out the plan

Cambridge latin course Salvius fimds out the plan

Salvius finds out the plan

On the next day, when Quintus and Dumnorix were hurrying to the furthest parts of the island, the soldiers were searching for Dumnorix through the town in vain. At last the thing was announced to Salvius. That, when he had found out about the escape of Dumnorix, he was violently in a rage. Then he searched for Quintus; when he had also been able to find him nowhere, he summoned Belimicus, the chief of the Cantici.

“Belimicus” he said that “Dumnorix escaped out of my hands; also Quintus Caecilius is absent. I trust neither Dumnorix nor Quintus. Go now; take soldiers with you; search for them in all parts of town. Also search for their slaves. It is easy for us to torture the slaves and find out this way”.

Belimicus, having gone out with many soldiers, was carefully searching through the town. Meanwhile, Salvius was anxiously waiting for his return. When Salvius was considering the thing with himself, Belimicus suddenly returned triumphantly. He dragged the slave of Quintus into the middle of the atrium. Salvius having turned to the trembling slave, said,
“Where is Quintus Caecilius?” he said. “Where did Dumnorix flee?”
“I don’t know” said the slave, who having suffered much torture, was hardly able to say anything.
“I know nothing” he said again.
Belimicus, when he had heard this, having drawn his sword, held it to the slave’ throat.
“You are better” he said “say the truth to Salvius”
The slave who was now despairing for his own life, muttered,
“I have only prepared five days of food”
“I did nothing else. My master left for the furthest parts of Britain with Dumnorix”
“By Hercules” said Salvius.
“They went to Agricola. Quintus having been encouraged by Dumnorix, tried to obstruct me; however he man is of great stupidity; he is not able to resist me because I have greater authority than him.
Salvius,when he had said this, gave orders to Belimicus. He ordered him to go out with thirty horsemen and arrest the...

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