Right-aligned text

Centered Text

Left-aligned text is the most frequently used alignment. All lines begin at the left margin. The right margin is uneven when text is aligned at the left side.

Justify aligns text at both the left and the right margins. All lines are even on both sides except that the last line of a paragraph may be shorter and will not end at the right margin. The system allocates additional spaces as needed to force the right margin to align evenly.

Executive Compensation – A Hot Topic!

Many employees and shareholders of public companies are beginning to question what they consider to be excessive compensation paid to top executives. Employees who earn less than $50,000 a year find it very difficult to understand how their company can pay one individual millions of dollars each year. The widening gap between executive pay and average employee pay is creating major employee relations problems.
Shareholders clearly want to reward and retain executives who increase shareholder value, but they are beginning to ask how closely executive pay is linked to performance. In many cases, executive compensation has increased at the same time that performance has decreased significantly. Extensive coverage by the media about mega-grants of stock options or restricted stock has caused an outrage among investors. In response, the SEC now requires every public company to disclose in its proxy statement the amount and source of all compensation paid to its top executives. This information will be readily available to the public and to all employees.