Can Amazon Be the Wal-Mart of the Web?

Can Amazon Be the Wal-Mart of the Web?

“Can Amazon Be the Wal-Mart of the Web?”

In today’s world of technology Internet is being used more and more. Some of the reasons are ability to shop all merchandise when ever customers feel the need ( at midnight, during the holidays, Saturday and Sunday evening ) and the benefit is on both sides, buyer and seller. The internet changed the way of communication between seller and buyer. Customers now can very easily find out specifications about product and its price. Thanks too these benefits, which are just one of many, the Internet has become an important part of most firms strategies.

Amazon Company was founded in 1994 and start operating online in 1995. The Company started as on-line bookstore and today is one of the largest general online retailer. Thanks to the excellent process of promoting, distributing, service and good relation ship with their customers today Amazon Company has more than 20 000 employees with over 645 million revenue per year. With today’s information technology it was easy for Amazon Company to target their marketing almost one on one, which helped a company to become large and successful. Amazon Company has to sell products to survive and expend and their marketing helps them to sell it. I found out about Amazon thanks to word of mouth marketing. When ever new school year start there is 24/7 flow of information’s among students about book prices. It become trend to brag out how much money could you save by buying book on Amazon. Business exchanges over Internet are becoming daily basis activity. Some experts predict that that e-commerce will make 15 % of overall retail in the next ten years, comparing with today’s 7 %.

One of the most important things for Amazon is customer relationship management. Customer relationship management is crucial for creating long term relationship between the company and customer. Amazon is attracting customers all over the world, even taking some from the main competitors such as e-bay...

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