Can America Be Conquered?

Can America Be Conquered?

Can America Be Conquered?

Can america be conquered? This country has been standing strong since July 4, 1776 and will most likely still be standing in the far future… but why? America has the strongest military when it comes to fire power, it also has the great ability to last an extended period of time in a war because of it’s incredible advantages by sea, land, and even space.

In order to invade america, troops would have to be on american soil. In order to do this, Troops would have to come through our neighboring countries: Canada or Mexico, or by sea or air.

Countries that come through sea or air would have difficulty placing troops on american soil due to america’s dominance of space and sea. We would see, very easily, see any ship or plane coming from any direction. The U.S. Air Force and Navy’s firepower could completely destroy anything on the coasts and sea, making it very difficult for a foreign country’s military to come close to our soil.

Neighboring countries, Canada and Mexico) have a higher chance of setting foot on american soil, but would not last very long. America has a strong advantage against Mexico due to the open desert around its borders giving america plenty of room to cause massive amounts of damage and if Canada decided to try to invade, this would mean they would come extremely close to cities, which a bit more dangerous but Canada is easily out numbered by a ratio of 30:290.

With so much firepower america holds and all its advantages in all sorts of terrain, America has and incredible ability to last long period of time in a war or any kind of battle.

If a country decides to invade america, it more than likely would last no more than a year, maybe a lot less, But Why? The longest recorded american fought war lasted 15 years on Foreign land. Many can argue that any country is more dominant on its own land. America also has a strong system that strongly supports and funds war in many ways, with an annual...

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