Can Empathetic art be the Enviromentalists game changer (2nd year University dissucion paper median=medium)

Can Empathetic art be the Enviromentalists game changer (2nd year University dissucion paper median=medium)

Does empathetic art have a greater impact than environmental art? And is it more effective to combine the two aspects in order to generate change,

In this paper the median of photography is the primary focus of the discussion however recycled art is discussed as an environmental art form.
firstly we need to explore the terms empathy and environmental and how they apply to art then explore if by combining the two we can generate a change, we will also argue that environmental art produced with the intent of generating empathy is more effective as environmental art than the work produced by recycled instillation and sculpture artists.
and lastly we will determine if recycled art can be called environmental art or if it can only be utilised as a description of a median rather than a modern day art movement.

Empathy: “Brought into English as a translation of the German aesthetic term Einfühlung, the term empathy entered English in 1909 through the work of the American psychologist E. B. Tichener Tichener used the word to describe a physical process in which infants between birth and ten months began to mimic the nonverbal expressions of those around them” (Black, 2009) it is also Often described as ones ability to mentaly put themselves in to another indaviduals position

Environmental : noun environment originating from the French word environner meaning to encircle environment is defined by the Oxford dictionary (1976) as surrounding objects or circumstances, conditions under which any person or thing lives or is developed, environmentalist is defined as an individual concerned with the preservation of the environment such as from pollution or green house emissions etc.

What is empathetic art?
Empathetic art is any artwork that is created with the intention of generating an empathetic response from the viewer some early Examples of empathetic photography are the images by Lewis Hine produced in the early 1900 featuring images of...

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