Can Opener

Can Opener

In this assignment we are to write a mechanism description. This article is going to describe the mechanism and object description of a can opener. This is a simple everyday device used in all house holds. The assumed reader for this article is the general reader (Markel). The language in use will be very simple and a detailed graphic will also be included for clarity.

Canned foods have been around for almost three centuries. British merchant by the name Peter Durand was the pioneer in canned food. He brought about a revolution in food preservation. The first cans were made of thick iron and had to be hammered so that one could open them. Gradually as the cans became thinner and light weight people came out with simpler can openers. The inventor of the first modern day can opener was William Lyman. His invention which is very similar to the ones we see today is almost two centuries old. Without simple can openers we could not have come so far. Canned foods have changed completely at how we look at food preservation and a simple thing such as the can opener has made it feasible for even 10 year old to use canned foods.

Mechanism Description:
A can opener is a very simple device. A standard can opener consists of two handles, a rotary knob and a round cutting blade. It is made up of a combination of metal and plastic. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors to suit individual tastes and requirements. They are categorized into two main classes: industrial and home use. Below is a picture of a domestic use can opener.

It is very simple to use it; all you have to do is secure the top of the can firmly in between the locking grip. Once the rotating blade has a firm grip on the edge of the lid all you have to do is to rotate the knob clockwise till it cuts open the lid all the way. Now you can savor your favorite meal. They even have can openers for left hander. The idea is the same but the design a little different.

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