Canada in the Late 1800 's

Canada in the Late 1800 's

In the 1900’s before WWI Canada was still forming and very young nation. Canada had political foundations thus the 1900’s are known as the Laurier era. The economy was growing because of the abundance Canada’s natural recourses. Socially Canada was stable but very raciest. Canada’s 1900‘s were strange times certain things were pleasant and others not so.

Politics in the 1900 were notable for the Laurier era because of many political accomplishments made during the 1900’s. Since Laurier was French Canadian he actually tried to please French Canadians who felt overlooked by the English Canadian. During these time most the public was pleased because they have what they needed and wanted
Which made a foundation. During the Laurier era two provinces joined the confederation Saskatchewan and Alberta. The 1900’s where good times because the people were happy and two provinces joined the confederation.

In the 1900’s the economy was gradually growing because of Canada’s natural recourses and industrial factories. Canada was gaining money thru its natural recourses such as lumber, fishing and metals (gold, silver, and copper) and prairies with wheat which made Canada’s economy grow in large numbers. Canada had received money from Britain and the United States to invest in industrial work as there was a need for manufactured goods. Canada’s economy was booming greatly that it was able to afford a railway system that had cost over 230 million dollars. Therefore Canada’s economy was expending and was able progress financially.

Canada was socially welcoming to white people but not black and Chinese people but also woman weren’t allowed to work. Even though Chinese people have been in Canada for quite a while by working on the railroad they were discriminated and unappreciated by majority of the population. As soon as the railroad was completed they were deported or had to pay five hundred dollars for a head tax of every person in there family. Black people had it...

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