Candidate Matrix for the case study project

Candidate Matrix for the case study project

Candidate Matrix for the case study project
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Candidate Name Candidate Name Candidate Name
Description of System

Portion of System Computerized

Brief description of that portion of the system that would be computerized in this candidate.

Brief description of the business benefits that would be realized for this candidate.
Servers and Workstations

A description of the servers and workstations needed to support this candidate.
Software Tools Needed

Software tools needed to design and build the candidate (e. g., database management system, emulators, operating systems, languages, etc.). Not generally applicable if applications software packages are to be purchased. •
Application Software

A description of the software to be purchased, built, accessed, or some combination of these techniques.
Method of Data Processing

Generally some combination of: on-line, batch, deferred batch, remote batch, and real-time.
Output Devices and Implications

A description of output devices that would be used, special output requirements, (e.g. network, preprinted forms, etc.), and output considerations (e.g., timing constraints).
Input Devices and Implications

A description of Input methods to be used, input devices (e.g., keyboard, mouse, etc.), special input requirements, (e.g. new or revised forms from which data would be input), and input considerations (e.g., timing of actual inputs).
Storage Devices and Implications

Brief description of what data would be stored, what data would be accessed from existing stores, what storage media would be used, how much storage capacity would be needed, and how data would be organized.
complete the Candidate Matrix for the case study project. This matrix will include three alternative candidate solutions that you have determined will meet the business requirements for...

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