Canned Book Report

Canned Book Report

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Famous Person Report Recipe

1 3-lb. coffee can 1 design sheet
1 supply request sheet 1 source sheet
20 3 x 5 index cards 1 ruler
Adding machine tape
1. Decide how you want to do to decorate your can. Will you try to make the can look like the person? Will you make a scene that depicts something about the person you have selected? Be creative and decide how you want your can to look.

2. Decide if you need any supplies or materials to complete your design. Fill out the supply request sheet and return it to your teacher as soon as you can.

3. The next step will be to make a timeline for your chosen person. It can show the person’s life from birth to the present or death or can show a certain significant period of time in that person’s life.

4. Meanwhile, be collecting facts about your person. You can use the internet or books or any other source. Make sure you record where you find your facts on your source recording sheet. Write ONLY one fact on a card. Make sure you put these facts IN YOUR OWN WORDS. These cards will be the basis for your report and presentation. When you have all your facts gathered, turn them in to your teacher.

5. Gather artifacts/items that will fit inside the can that will be shown during your presentation. These should add interest and be significant to your research.

6. Combine all supplies and complete your can design. Make sure you can remove the top so that you can get to your artifacts and other items you will need for your presentation.

7. Practice your presentation and be ready to share your famous person with your classmates.

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