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Ford Motor Company


Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
The Organizational Strategy 3
Business Strategy 3
Corporate Strategy 4
The Firm 4
Strategic Elements of Ford 4
Competitive Advantage 5
Analyze strategic issues 5
The Industry 5
Market Segment 5
Sources of Competitive Advantage 5
Macro Environment Threats and Opportunities 5
Industry Forces Analysis 6
Recommend approaches for strategic issues with significant organizational impact. 6
Recommend approaches for strategic issues with significant impact to competitive advantage. 6
Recommend strategies and approaches to mitigate ethical dilemmas in strategy. 7
References 8

Executive Summary
Ford has positioned its organizational structure and management systems to complement each other and support the goal of the “One Ford Plan”. The employees of Ford has been trained to high levels of people orientation, aggressiveness, team, orientation, and risk taking.
Ford management systems are an important factor to their success and strategic goal. The biggest impact is the supply chain. Ford has mastered the ability to apply strategic sourcing. This is the ability to contract for minor and major equipment, supplies, and services.
Ford Motor Company faces many strategic challenges in volatile economic times. This report makes the following recommendations to Ford Motor Company:
1. Recommend that, wherever possible, Ford should shift production from the United States and the Euro Zone to Mexico and Eastern Europe.
2. Recommend that Ford exploit current opportunities in China.
3. Recommend Ford to continue to promote cost control in the value chain with Ford’s “One Product” implementation.
4. Production of “Small World Cars”.
5. Finally, Invest necessary capital into the bio fuel and electronic car segment to advance competitive advantage.
The Organizational Strategy
Business Strategy
Ford’s business strategy...

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