Capital Punishment Advocate

Capital Punishment Advocate


Imagine the sweetest, cutest little six-year-old girl you can. Completely innocent, unexposed to the idea of evil in the world. She’s playing in the park with a friend, but her mother goes to get something out of the car. A man walks up to her and asks her to help him find his puppy. She loves puppies, so she agrees. But before she can scream, the man knocks her unconscious, and takes her home with him.

Over the next couple weeks, the man brutalizes her. He tortures her, starves her, and rapes her several times a day. When he finally bores of her, he shoots her, cuts off her hand, and throws her on the side of the street several miles away. Fortunately, the police have found this man, and that he has had at least 20 other victims (due to the other hands in his basement) since moving to the area. He is in custody and has been identified through sperm samples. There is no possible way that he is innocent. Some say that this man deserves to die, but some say he has the right to life.

I disagree; I firmly believe that this man should die. Anyone who can waste and end human life so easily for no reason is an abomination. A monster plaguing the suburban town in which plenty of small children live. This man cannot be left out free in public. He is insane and obviously doesn’t know right from wrong. Now this raises the argument that he can just serve a life sentence and die peacefully either of old age or his own hand. We cannot do this because it is much too expensive. An article from the Baltimore Sun says “Estimates place the annual cost of housing an inmate at $18,000 to $31,000.” That’s PER YEAR people! If you ask me, that seems like an insane amount of money to spend on a person that should have died in the first place.

I understand that there is the danger of being accused and executed wrongly, so I believe that the death penalty should only be used when there is a one-hundred percent certainty within the jury,...

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