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A concussion is a mild to moderate brain injury from the result of a violent blow to the head, leaving you with confusion, amnesia, and sometimes a loss of conciseness.

The human brain floats in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The CSF’s major function is to surround the brain as a cushion from light bounces of everyday movement. The fluids can not sustain hard blows and quick stops. Concussions are usually mild and many people with the serene brain injuries recover fully. The healing process can take a while the best way to recover is rest.

The biggest causes for concussions are sports related injuries. They are the leading cause for most brain injuries. Car accidents are another cause for concussions; some don’t have necessarily blows to the head. They are caused by fast stops which makes the brain gets jarred against the side of the skull. Other Significant causes would be falls, collisions, and less contact sports.

In contact sports the chance of concussions are huge. Studies have shown that high school football has the highest risk of concussion at one in five players will suffer a concussion in there high school football careers. On the college level for football there is 1 in 20 chances. Concussions can have a long lasting affect. Boxers have a lot of brain damage because the constant hammering of the head. Dementia is commonly found in boxers with constant concussions. Muhammad Ali is an example of a boxer who has gotten Parkinson’s disease from his boxing careers rate of concussions. Children also have a strong risk at a concussion because the still have some soft spots in there head. Also children are usually much more agile when there little, so chances of accidents or falls are high.

Signs and Symptoms
Signs and symptoms are sometimes not very visible and may not show for a couple days after the injury or weeks. Since this is a mental health issue the affects of the injury occur in the head.
Some signs and symptoms...

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