I am a Senior Resident Engineer for the Department of Veterans Affairs Real Property Service. My enrollment in the OPM LEAD Certificate program was a by-product of being in the Aspiring Leaders Program. I was able to continue leadership training through the OPM LEAD Certificate program. My goal for this program was to become a more effective supervisor.

The effective writing, performance appraisals, supervisory developmental seminar, employee conduct, and conflict resolution were all relevant organizational and professional development topics. In this paper I will provide highlights from the courses and explain how the topics are relevant to my organization or professional development. This paper will also discuss what I learned about leadership and how I plan to apply it. I will conclude the paper with a discussion of my future professional and personal plans.

Course Content Highlights, Lessons, Learned and Applications

Leadership Assessment Program Date of Completion: May 27, 2011

The purpose of this course was to give an overview of the Leadership Assessment Program. The course employed several self-assessments that required me to examine my goals, desires, and abilities.

The presentation on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test was insightful. I learned that my preference type is introvert, sensing, judging, and perception. This training was helpful because I was able to learn more about my personality. It was helpful to learn that although I identify with these preference types, I do not always have to adopt the characteristics of those preferences. It was also helpful in that I learned how to deal with people with the differing preference types.

The session on perceptions, values, and attitudes helped me to examine what was missing for fulfillment in my life. Our values come from various sources and shape many facets of our life. Success is an outcome of achieving what we value. Satisfaction...

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