Captain America

Captain America

What is a dream? America is a dream made a reality. America is a strong nation with a lot of strong ideals, and people can say or do whatever they chose to do. With these ideals of freedom there’s always someone trying to knock down these walls, and only one cultural icon can represent and protect those ideals for us; the great and original Captain America.

To say one is such, one must define what a cultural icon is. A cultural icon is a notable individual who has transcended “mere” celebrity status to come to represent a zeitgeist [Spirit of the Age] to a sizable part of the world. It isn’t just some famous face, but a complex, multi-layered personage who reflects the conflicts and contradictions of his or her time. He falls right into this category and you might even ask me why Captain America over all the other superheroes in the marvel universe. The fact is that he stands out from the majority of the superheroes in the marvel universe for so many reasons.

What sets Captain America apart from other superheroes is that he doesn’t have superpowers like every other hero. He is a human physical perfected solider, nothing else; no laser beams, no four arms just a plain human trained like a solider to combat terrorism and uphold what America stands for. (Superhero) He is an expert martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant, all terrain acrobatics, a master tactician and field commander. Dealt with great stress and dangerous situations; he still finds a way to turn negative into positive. He has lived through the 1920’s Great Depression, a time when jobs and homes were being lost left and right. (America’s) It was impossible to accomplish anything in the Great Depression, and just like the name you would be depressed especially coming from a background like Steve Rodgers. (Steve Rodgers)

Steve Rodgers wasn’t famous or notable of his growing up he was just like everyone else growing up in NYC during the Great Depression as...

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