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2009 Science Geeks; read and memorized a large handbook- competed in McMaster and made final four!

2009 Me To We committee member; made the newspaper for participating in many fundraisers and school-run charities

2009 Black History Month participant; played the role of Barack Obama, and made the spectator

2008 Forest of reading; read over 8 books, and voted on the best in the Hamilton Public Library convention

2009 Junior Boys Basketball team member; won tournament as well as two banners including city championships!

2009 Jazz Band AND concert band member; performed in templemead, school band festival, as well as Wonderland!

Templemead Park is where I usually stay after school hours to play some ‘street-ball’ with my friends

It is usually where I go to when I am bored; especially during the summer vacation


The YMCA is where I spend much of my time at, primarily in the weekends. I go to the YMCA about every week, as I have had a membership there ever since I was about 6. There are many activities and recreational commitments at the YMCA. I used to attend the downtown YMCA, but when the construction of the new YMCA was complete, I began frequently visiting it there (on Rymal road).When I visit the YMCA, I play basketball during ‘Open Gym’ with other people. I also occasionally go swimming, and this is how I’ve conquered my fear of swimming in the ‘deep end’. Also, because I am now 13, I am able to work out and work with the aerobic balls; as they have classes for such exercises- from before, I used to participate in ‘Iron Kids,’ a fitness club for youth. I also participate in the Friday Youth club in the YMCA, which takes children from 9 to 14, and organizes different games and activities with them. Once in a while, I take my friends to the YMCA as guests so that we can play together. The most relaxing aspect is the hot tub; and you can commonly find me in the basketball courts (gymnasium). I think the...