Capturing the Fond Memories

Capturing the Fond Memories

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´╗┐How do you capture the fond memories that you want to last a lifetime? What about those memories that you just don't ever want to forget, that are just so important and precious to you? From your baby's first steps to your daughter's wedding, scrapbooking is the way to keep your memories living on in living color. I have found that scrapbooking keeps my memories alive and in tact for years to come with a touch of flair. Scrapbooking has given my memories a new life and depth. So much so I don't think that I will ever be able to look at a photo album the same way now that I did before scince I have discovered the art of scapbooking.

I first started scrapbooking because I just wanted to put something special together for my family and friends. It was going to be a scrapbook, it was really hard for me to make myself stop working on them. I was becoming addicted to this! I worked on these scrapbooks day and night so that they would be special, during every free moment that I had. Once I had these scrapbooks together, I presented them to my family and friends. Much to my amazement, they were so thrilled and excited with the finished product. They truly turned just perfect! At that point, I knew that I had discovered something fantastic here that I was really good at and enjoyed doing too. From that point on, I was hooked! I have been doing these scrap books every scince.

Scrap booking is fun for me because it gives me the opportunity to go through all of my pictures and relieve all of those special moments from the past. It's a way to get all of those pictures out of the old shoe boxes and give them new life and meaning again. When we put our photos away, we forget about them and just collect dust. This is a sad waste of the memories that took us a lifetime to achieve. Photos should not be stored away, but instead be put into a scrap book to be able to live on forever through the storytelling of a scrapbook.

Once I get the pictures...

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