Carater Sketch

Carater Sketch

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Michael S. Earl

Ms. Welch

Eng 111 - 4177

Character Sketch

27 January 2011

The Man That Can Do Anything

If I had to choose one man on Earth that I thought could really do anything and everything, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose my dad. He’s a “hands on” kind of guy who can build, fix, or make anything that he can possibly imagine. He is a guy that, when he puts his mind to it, nothing is going to get in his way to stop him. He is the perfect person to go to if your car is sitting on the side of the road and you need advice on what to do. My dad is the guy that is always right and always has the answers. A long time ago, I told my dad that, “There is nothing that you can’t do.” He still brings that up to this day, and he will never let me live it down. I know that most kids think that their dad can do anything, but mine really can.
My dad has never been much of a talkative man. He’s much more of a “doer”. Even now that he’s older, he’s still going as strong as ever. As an ex-Army guy, he served his time in the military jumping out of airplanes and working on military vehicles. When he got out of the Army, he was constantly working on his cars and motorcycles, and building things around the house. He has always been able to take care of himself, even when it comes to the easier things like cooking and keeping a house clean and organized. After teaching himself to weld, he started to build pig cookers, tree stands, race cars, and a trailer to haul the race car around on. One of his first jobs coming out of the Army was a maintenance technician at a retirement home where he learned to do anything from plumbing, to working on air conditioners. He always works really hard at everything that he does to prove to me and everyone else watching, that he can do anything that he puts his mind to.
One way that he proved this to me was when he built his very first race car. The car was an old beater Ford Mustang that he bought really cheap. It was...

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