Carbon Black Market: hugely invested market led by APAC Industrial regions

Carbon Black Market: hugely invested market led by APAC Industrial regions

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Carbon black is a fine black pigment produced by burning hydrocarbons in insufficient air by partial combustion. It is basically a black colored powder, consumed majorly (about 70%) by the tire industry due to its ability to increase strength and longevity of the tires. However, consumption rates for specialty Carbon Black Market which provides enhanced conductivity and UV protection is also growing.

Carbon black is also used in electronics for various applications. Since carbon black is a good conductor of electricity, it is used as filler in adhesives, plastic, film, elastomers etc. Carbon black particles are also used as radar absorbent materials used in the reduction of the radar cross-section of aircraft and in photocopier and laser printer toner, and other inks and paints.

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Construction and manufacturing sectors also use carbon black to provide strength to industrial rubber compounds and other equipment. Global Carbon Black Market is highly competitive, with all major industries investing heavily in R&D to improve the quality of their product.

The Carbon Black Market is dominated by Asia-Pacific (APAC region), wherein majority of the demand emanates from emerging economies such as China and India, on account of expanding tire manufacturing facilities and growth in construction sector. Asia-Pacific is projected to maintain its dominance in the market through 2020, with tire manufacturers shifting production base to developing countries in the region.

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The Carbon Black Market has applications across industries such as automobile, industrial, plastics, paint & coatings and printing ink & toners. Additionally, Carbon Black Market is also classified by its subtype; acetylene black,...

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