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Cardiologist: A doctor who treats people with heart problems.

This coursework is going to simply evaluate and express what the process is in becoming a Cardiologist! What qualifications are needed in order to do this type of job such as, what GCSE grades do you need? What A levels you should take and what type of university you should go to. Most importantly what personal qualities are needed in order to do this job such as, should you be a humble and patient person ?or a person that have no time to be understanding and rushes to get the job done quickly. Most of all what is their job about. What do they do? What type of people do they treat? Furthermore who do they work with in order to get the job done? What is the reason for working with a colleague and how do they work with them in order to have a successful result. Moving on the equipment plays a big part in doctor’s careers. This is what gets the job done. Without the equipment doctors such as cardiologists couldn’t save people lives. This coursework will show diagrams of equipments explaining how it is used and what it is used for. Also diagrams such as the heart will be shown and labelled to give some knowledge of science and it also will give an insight of what the doctors know and what they deal with in their job. Finally this coursework will also explain what the advantages and disadvantages are of this job such as stress, health and safety and how much do they get paid a year.

Why did I choose to be a cardiologist?

A cardiologist is not a job I want to pursue in the future however in my opinion I think being a cardiologist is the most difficult, complex and stressful job. A cardiologist is a doctor that treats people with heart problems and the heart is the most important organ in the body because it’s what keeps you alive. Throughout this coursework you will find out information on cardiologist, what their job is about, what they do, what qualifications are needed and so on. This coursework...