Care Usa

Care Usa

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Case study

BA 550

Spring 2013

Document Divisions

I. Assumptions
II. Issues Faced by CARE USA
a. Poor Organizational Structure
b. Shrinking donors’ pool
c. Poor Advertising Strategy
III. Solutions
d. A Geographic Organizational Structure
e. Develop a New Advertising Campaign
f. Develop a New Loyalty Program
IV. Implementation
V. References

I. Assumptions

1. I will assume the organizational structure continues to be as the one mentioned in the case.
2. I will assume that at this point in time, the main marketing strategy of the organization entails what has been discussed in the case provided. In other words, the company is currently using the Direct-Mail strategy to reach out to donors. There are no other direct marketing actions implemented.
3. I will assume that there are other advertising actions such as banners and street pictures currently being used. The case does not mention any advertising on television or the Internet. I will assume there are no digital advertising actions implemented.
4. I will assume we are 2013 and the company is attempting to improve within one year.
5. I will assume there is unlimited budget to perform promotional activities.
6. The people featured in the Direct-Mail letters and brochures are not celebrities.
7. The company has a running and active website.
8. All other departments are functional and effectively working.
9. There are no dollar limits on donations.
10. The only donor category targeted is the “skeptical progressive”. This means that all other potential donors outside of such category defined in the case are excluded from promotional activities.

II. Issues Faced by CARE USA

a. Poor organizational structure

As an international nonprofit organization, the first issues CARE is facing are the...

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