Career Develp Plan

Career Develp Plan

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Career Development Plan II

June 28, 2010

Kelly Terrell

| |InterClean |


To: Sales Team


Date: 6/28/2010

Re: Appraisals

With the merger of EnviroTech and InterClean complete, it is time to develop a plan for our organization to grow. At InterClean, we are committed to developing the most successful sales team in order to satisfy our customer needs, so a plan for training and mentoring these sales reps is a necessity. The workforce demands each company to change and respond to new developments as they come about, whether internal or external. The changes allow the employees to adapt to these changes as they are integrated with our products (such as the training on the products in the healthcare industry). With this said, there is a need to share the mission and vision the CEO has for the company which will put us at the forefront of all those other companies providing similar cleaning solutions. The motivation is to not only ‘sell you’ but also build a confident and lasting client relationships. Competency models were used to identify variables (knowledge skills), related to the overall organizational fit and to indentify personality characteristics (motivation, attitude) consistent with the organizational vision (Cascio, 2006). We must incorporate training and mentoring programs with a job analysis and job description for the new sales (of seven highly qualified individuals) team so there will not be too many questions about the duties they are required to do. First, write a job analysis to entail the job description and job specifications that will allow these individuals a better understanding of what is required. “The term job analysis describes the process of obtaining information about jobs” (Cascio, 2006). The sales team duties or...

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