Career Esay

Career Esay

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Ambria T. Glinsey

Patience’s, compassion, a good sense of humor, wiliest to continually learn, and a desire to help others: these are all requirements for a pediatrician. Not only do they serve as doctors but they serve as counselors in situations with helping children with emotional problems. The reason I have chosen this career is because I love kids. Throughout this essay you will find out more about me and my goals I plan to achieve.

Pediatricians deal with children all day long. Taking care of children is something that I enjoy doing. I will love every second of my job. Taking care of children is something that I will value at work. Making sure my family has food on the table, clothing on their back, and a roof over their head is my main priority. I value life and providing for my family.
I’m an outgoing person, so therefore that will help me reach out to my patients. I will be able to get them to tell me exactly what’s wrong with them.

My main goal in life is to attend Clark Atlanta University and major in Bio-chemistry/Pre-Med and go to Medical school to become a Pediatrician. Every since 5th grade I’ve had this all planned out. I also want to give back to my mother and take care of her just like she took care of me.

I’m now in the banc program, I’m now known as the best Alto-Clarinet player in the State of Illinois fir the year 2007-2008. I was the Master Drill Sergeant over the marching band. I really enjoy playing my instruments. One of my short term goals is to graduate from high school next year with a high G.P.A.

One of my long term goals is to one day having a private doctor’s office of my own. The only thing I’m interested in is anything in the Medical Field. Pediatricians diagnose, treat and try to prevent children diseases and injuries. An experience pediatrician makes $195,000 per year. In order to become a pediatrician you need your basic science classes in high school and in college. When you receive your...

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