Career Management Plan for the New Interclean/Envirotech Full Service Sales and Service Company

Career Management Plan for the New Interclean/Envirotech Full Service Sales and Service Company

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Career Management Plan

University of Phoenix


Career Management Plan
The career management plan created for the new InterClean/Enviro Tech full service Sales and Service Company will provide useful information to all employees. The career management plan will consist of employee feedback, performance levels, opportunity and advancement, dual career options, and individual career diversity while explaining how and why the career management plan will work.
Employee feedback interviews will be scheduled on a bi-monthly schedule to ensure the individual goals are in line with the company goals. Cascio (2006) stated, “To improve the value of performance feedback interviews, communicate frequently with subordinates: encourage them to prepare and to participate in the process; judge performance, not personality; be specific; avoid destructive criticism; set goals; assess progress toward goals regularly; and make rewards contingent on performance” (pg 362). Employees will be encouraged to participate fully in the feedback interviews to discuss opportunities to improve the work environment or performance. Work appraisals will be used and discussed in the feedback interview. Employee feedback interviews will be the backbone to a successful communication pattern between manager and employee.
According to Cascio (2006) “To define performance properly, therefore, you must do three things well: set goals, decide how to measure accomplishment, and provide regular assessments of progress” (pg330). The ability to help employees reach higher levels of employment will enable the manager to move forward while helping to develop employees. Employee training and advancement opportunities will be discussed with each employee to maintain a set direction for the company and the individual employee. An example is at the Peppermill management chooses an employee of the month/year who receives cash, comps, and a free parking...

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