Career Managment Plan-Interclean

Career Managment Plan-Interclean

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Career Management Plan

InterClean will develop the following Career Management Plan:

Managers will review each employee performance every six months. Reviews will be every January and July of each year.

Managers will consider for review:

• Appraisal form that will be done by the direct supervisor: The direct supervisor will evaluate their employee’s performance using the appraisal form. Additional comments will need to be added with an honest personal opinion of the employee.

• Appraisal form that will be done by customers: On November and May of each year, the sales person will give surveys to their customers. These surveys will have a prepaid stamp to be returned. On this survey the customer will be able to evaluate the sales person performance and how they qualify the customer service given. (for the Sales department only)

After the review has been done each employee will have an interview with their direct supervisor to review their performance. The direct supervisor will explain how they review the employee’s performance and will discuss with the employee all the questions from the appraisal form. The direct supervisor will give the results to the employee and will ask the employee if he/she agrees with the score. The direct supervisor will explain to the employee is he/she doing, will discuss how his/her job helped to achieved the sales goal, and will give suggestions to the employee on how to improve his/her job performance. The supervisors must listen how the employee feel about the review and always make sure that the employee understands how the company reviews their job performance. The reviews will have to be signed by the employee and the direct supervisor.

Employee recognition, sales incentives, service awards:

• Managers and supervisors will always congratulate their employees for a good performance.

• InterClean will develop the “Employee of the Month” program. The “Employee of the Month” will win a...

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