Career plan

Career plan

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Career plan

Right now, I am in a state of confusion as I am not sure where I want to go after doing my graduation. It seems like yesterday I started University and before I know it’s almost to its end. This essay is about my career plan. I did some research and as almost everyone requires a good decent job which pays well and is satisfying, I want the same.

Two options really attract me. One is related to organisation psychology so in HR or business related field. The second profession which really interest me is in clinical psychology, specially counselling. Following is the pros and cons of both of those fields. Money, work satisfaction and job security are really important to me. Whatever career I choose in the end those three would always be in my mind.

First one is going into business psychology. I want to do masters but I am not sure how I can finance myself for masters. I am considering having masters in organisational psychiatry and psychology from Kings. Although I need to do more research and start applying to universities. The weakness to that is that I don’t have enough money to finance myself as stated earlier and my family does not acquire that amount of money either. So the accurate way to go on about this is to take a gap year where I work and somehow earn enough to pay off my masters. The strength is that this course will open a lot of opportunities for me. This will also mean I have specialised knowledge which I can put in to practical use.

As completion is increasing for business, business owners are planning to hire a person who can guide them to hire the best employees. People leave job and that means training new employee all over again hence less productivity. I believe this area has a lot to offer and going in to this field would be what I wouldn’t mind.

Second is clinical side the drawbacks for that are the procedure being too long and having the responsibility of others totally on you. I do understand whatever...

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