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1. Contents.

2. Introduction.

3. Design brief.

4. Analysis of Brief.

5. Design brief chosen.

• Brainstorm
• List Of key Questions
• Essential Characteristics

6. Plan and Procedure.

7. Investigation and Research.

8. Development of ideas.

9. Further examination of ideas for possible solution - Evaluation of solution, including sketches.

10. Working Drawing.

11. Materials/Cutting list and Timeline.

12. Constructing the project.

13. Evaluation.

14. Problem solving.

15. Experiments.

16. Health and safety.

17. Conclusion.

18. Acknowledgements.

2. Introduction

This is the folder that I have compiled for my Leaving Certificate Construction Studies project. This folder shows my research into many pieces of furniture and materials right through to the production stages involved to produce a finished piece of furniture.

In this folder I have included:
 Scaled working drawing which I built my project from.

This hand book gives the reader an account of how:
 I designed and constructed my project.
 The problems I encountered and how I solved them.

I outlined:
 Health and safety aspects.
 Experiments that I carried out.

The aim of this folder is give an insight into:
 How furniture is constructed.
 The hours of work put into completing the project.
 The breakdown of the costs of materials.

3. Design Brief

I was told by my teacher that I have the choice of two options for what I could do for my construction project:

 Build a section through a dwelling house out in the construction room
Consisting of at least 3 building trades.

 Build a piece of furniture which could be used in a dwelling house.

 Section through part of a model house.

I have two working days, 16 hours to complete my project, which will be spread out over eight weeks, 2 one hour classes a week.

I was also told by my teacher that it had to be my...

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