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Career Interests and Market Research Worksheet

Complete the Career Interest Profiler activity on the Phoenix Career Services website. To access the interest profiler, click on Set Your Goals. Then, complete step 1.2. At the end of Step 1.2, Click Go to the Career Exploration tool to access the career interest profiler.
Select two careers you are interested in based on the results of the Interest Assessment activity.
Conduct labor market research on the two careers, and fill in the following table regarding the research you conducted.

Career 1
Career 2
What is the career?
Researcher/Research Associate
Executive Assistant
What interests you about this career?
I strive to learn new things every day, being able to look for the information and maybe find the answers those around me or I am looking for would be an amazing achievement.
I believe it would be something that would keep me on my toes, something I could learn from everyday.
Is there a hiring demand?
In the Fresno area there are no openings or demands.
There is only one job opening in Fresno.
What are the educational requirements?
A bachelor’s degree in the field you wish to work in.
A bachelor’s degree
What are the experience requirements?
You should have two to five years of experience for most jobs.
You should have five to eight years of experience.
What are the skill requirements?
1.  Biology
2.  Molecular Biology
3.  Experiments
4.  Biochemistry
5.  Cell Culturing
6.  Data Analysis
7.  Chemistry
8.  Cell Biology
9.  Immunology
10.  Flow Cytometry
11.  Western Blot
12.  Validation
13.  Laboratory Equipment
14.  Pharmacology
15.  Mammalian Cell Culture
16.  Microscopy
17.  Biotechnology
18.  Proteins
19.  Assay Development
20.  Drug Discovery
1.  Microsoft Excel
2.  Microsoft Office
3.  Microsoft Powerpoint
4.  Microsoft Word
1.  Research
2.  Communication Skills
3.  Writing...

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