Caregiver and Patient Perspective Paper

Caregiver and Patient Perspective Paper

Visiting the doctor is not something I do very often since I am a pretty healthy

person. Most of my visits have been because of my pregnancies and those have always gone

pretty well. But there was one time I had to go for another reason. I had been feeling a sort of

flutter in my heart for a couple of days and it was starting to scare me a bit so I decided to see a


I called the doctors office and they set up an appointment for me that same day.

When I got there the receptionist was very nice to me while explaining all the paperwork I

needed to fill out. When I was called in, a nurse took my vitals and took me into a room. She

asked me a few questions about how I was feeling and wrote everything down. She was very

nice as well.

When the doctor came in she shook my hand and told me her name. She also

asked me questions to find out exactly how I was feeling and when I answered she was very

attentive and did not interrupt until I was finished. She examined me very well and ordered an

EKG to be performed and some x-rays to be taken. When she got the results she told me I had

an early heartbeat which was probably due to the stress I had told her I had been going through

. She said it was normal and that I should not worry about it, that I should focus on dealing with

my stress.

I was really satisfied with my experience because I had all my questions answered

and I was treated with care and respect. My goals for this visit were, to find out what was

wrong with me, to be reassured that what I was feelingwas not a serious health issue, and to get

a cure if it was necessary. Fortunately I was reassured by the doctor when she told me that

what I had was nothing serious and that there was no need for a physical cure. I was very

happy to know that what I was feeling was normal and was only due to stress, which was...

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