The act of caring is considered the art behind nursing. For this paper, you will focus on your ideas of caring and support those ideas from the research. To understand caring, you need to understand the metaparadigms of nursing: nurse, person (patient), environment, and health. Thoroughly define each of these terms. Compare and contrast your definitions with those of professional resources.

The second part of your paper must discuss caring. Define this term in your own words. How does your definition align with those in the text? What does the Bible have to say about caring? How does your worldview impact your concept of caring? How does the Christian worldview suggest you should care? Offer examples of caring in the Bible that correlate to nursing. Share a personal anecdote related to how your worldview impacts your ability to show caring as a nurse.

Your paper must total at least 5 pages and be composed according to current APA format. You must use a minimum of 5 references and include a reference page. The reference page does not count toward the required total.

A variable is any characteristics, number or quantity that can be measured or counted and is also referred as data item. Variables are categorized in two types according to the level of measurement.
1. Discrete variables – refers to the variables with a well defined finite set of possible values called states. Discrete variables are also referred as qualitative variables. For example, the number of the people in football team or the total number of planets in the solar system.
2. Continuous variables – refers to the variables which can take the value between any other two values. For example, the height and age of the person can be any real value within the reasonable limits. Some other examples of this category are temperature of the room, water consumed, etc. The continuous variable can be interval scale variables, continuous ordinal variables...

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